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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Weird Gets Weirder: Buster Posey Out With Shingles

By Vince Cestone

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San Francisco Giants' starting catcher Buster Posey is out with yet another injury.

While this ailment lacks the severity of a torn ligament, Posey was absent from Wednesday's lineup at Coors Field against the Colorado Rockies due to shingles. Posey will be out of the lineup for the second straight day after taking a rest day on Tuesday.

Giants' manager Bruce Bochy said he expects Posey back in the lineup tomorrow in the series finale against the Rockies.

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The Giants are currently losing 3-0 in the top of the third inning. Although, they could use Posey to mount a comeback, the lineup they trotted out there is more than capable of rallying.

San Francisco has hit rockets all game, but right at people. In the top of the third alone, Angel Pagan and Melky Cabrera hit rockets, but right at infielders.

Their at bats are better too. Even Pablo Sandoval is laying off pitches outside the strike zone.

More good at bats like this, and the Giants will be just fine in this game. All you can do as a hitter is hit the ball hard...the rest, you cannot do anything about it.

Posey will be just fine. Shingles is nothing too serious--they are like adult chicken pox, as I am told by NBC Bay Area News Assignment Desk Manager John Zuchelli.

He will be in there tomorrow, so do not fear Giants fans.


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  1. not again!! well lets just hope he heals up quickly, i feel hes a key element to the squad!! great article as well vinny!

  2. What? Shingles?

    I wish you will get well soon. Try natural remedies.


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