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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rumor Mill: Giants have diminishing interest in Carlos Beltran (via


According to Andy Martino of the NY Daily News, the San Francisco Giants openly flirted with Carlos Beltran when the New York Mets visited San Francisco this month, and closer Brian Wilson recruited the Mets' outfielder at the All-Star Game, but the teams are experiencing difficulty matching up in a trade.

According to a person with knowledge of the Giants’ thinking, San Francisco’s current position is that it is willing to assume most or all of the $6 million owed to Beltran for the remainder of the season, but does not want to part with a high-end prospect in exchange for a half-season rental. The Mets, as we know, are holding out for talent, and are willing to pay the salary.

This is a reversal for San Francisco; earlier in the season, Giants insiders said that the team had limited in-season payroll flexibility. But due to robust attendance and other factors, the team appears more interested in spending than in diminishing its farm system, the source said Thursday.

Although the clubs’ respective positions are currently at odds, trade-season dialogue is fluid, and the source left open the possibility that the Giants could reconsider their position and ultimately send the Mets a top prospect for Beltran. At this time, however, they are opposed to that idea, according to the source.

One of many other Beltran suitors, the Phillies, are in the opposite position. Close to the luxury tax threshold, Philadelphia cannot add significant payroll, and therefore must be open to dealing a prospect to acquire Beltran. Phillies scouts have followed the Mets intermittently for at least a month.

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  1. I wouldn't say that they have diminishing interest in Beltran. They have been trying to work out a deal with the Mets hoping to take most of his salary. Supposedly the Mets have come out saying that they would rather eat up salary and get a high level prospect (Zack Wheeler, Brandon Belt). The Giants still want him (from all indications).

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