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Friday, December 31, 2010

Excellent Comment on the Giants Winning the World Series

Here is an excellent comment from Chris Scarberry about the Giants' road to the World Series. This was aimed at a few Phillies fans who still cannot accept the fact that the Giants were a better team. Here's the comment from my most recent Bleacher Report article. Check it out.

"Under the radar, that's where I like it. Under-appreciated, under-estimated, and "un"-respected, that is where the San Francisco Giants currently sit. They got lucky, they got hot at the right time, Bruce Bochy's giant head created a flux in the earth's gravitational pull that gave them an advantage. Whatever conspiracy theory pops up, it does not change the fact that the San Francisco Giants are the 2010 World Series Champions. All that bitterness from opposing "enter your team here" homers and naysayers will never change the reality that the Commissioners Trophy is shining bright on the mantle of the orange and black. Regardless, I am glad the Giants are still flying under the radar, it gives the champs something to prove, and provides the perfect hangover remedy. Pressure creates problems with even the most dynamic of teams. So with all that being said, the most pressure is on the champs in 2011. No, not the World Series Champ Giants, but the NLDS champ Philadelphia Phillies. This type of pressure to succeed, when a team has four of the best arms in baseball, is going to be suffocating and with the spotlight and pressure taken off of the defending world series champs, this could very well be a huge reason to look forward to continued ownership of a trophy that has, up until this year, eluded my favorite team for over half a century."

One more thing that must be said. For those of you who think the Phillies' pitching staff is worlds better than the Giants', consider this. The combined ERA for the Giants' starting five for 2011 is 3.40, while the Phillies' 3.45. The numbers don't lie.

Will these numbers reflect reality or are they a mirage?

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