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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giants' First World Series Title In San Francisco Excites San Jose Sports Bar

Fans have dubbed most of the Giants’ 2010 season and post-season as torture, but after the team’s impressive World Series victory against the Texas Rangers, the Giants’ faithful at the High Five Pizza Co. restaurant and sports bar felt euphoric.
The Giants won the seven-game World Series in just five games, courtesy of a Game 5 seventh-inning three-run home run from the series’ MVP Edgar Renteria, and brought home the first championship in their San Francisco history.
Cathleen Belknap, a manager at High Five, was among those who were thrilled about the Giants’ World Series title. She said that although she was a southern California native, she began following the Giants when the play-off games were on the televisions at work, and when everyone came into the restaurant to watch them.
“I feel very good about it because it will bring revenue to the city, and it’s long overdue so it is nice for the fans,” Belknap said.
Like Belknap, bartender Mark Mitchell recently began following the Giants during the frenzy when the play-offs began. As a fan of San Francisco itself, he felt the Giants’ World Series victory was one of the best things to happen to the city.
“I really liked what it did to the city of San Francisco,” Mitchell said. “It was similar to what happened when the Saints won the Super Bowl.”
Mitchell was also drawn to the team by the personality and charm of some of the players, including Buster Posey, his favorite.
“I saw Buster Posey in an interview, and I was impressed with the way he conducted himself,” Mitchell said. “If I see him, I would like to buy him a beer.”
Some were so excited about the Giants’ World Series title that they celebrated in surprising ways. Kealaa Kai, a concrete foreman for the city of San Jose and regular patron at High Five, told of his experience at another San Jose sports bar.
“I went to a bar in downtown San Jose, and after the Giants won, the owner bought a round of drinks for all his customers in the bar at the time,” Kai said.
Others were just relieved that the Giants won at least one title in their lifetime, and they are confident many more are on the way.
“I’m so happy they did it while I’m young,” said Katerina Nowack, a cashier and cook at the restaurant. “I am excited that everyone on the team is so young, and there’s a good chance it (a Giants World Series title) might happen again.”
Even fans of opposing teams, including the Giants’ archrival Los Angeles Dodgers, could not help but feel happy for Giants fans. Greg Scaglione, another High Five bartender, has been a Dodger fan since birth, but showed an understanding of what the World Series victory meant to Giants fans.
“I’ve known a lot of people who were Giants fans, and it’s really good for them,” Scaglione said.
             In years past, every last game of the season for San Francisco has ended in defeat, but this year, it was the San Francisco Giants who had the last victorious word in Major League Baseball.

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