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Thursday, December 16, 2010

San Francisco Giants Millionaire Triva Game

On this post, we are going to have a little fun. It's gonna be a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (the classic version). It's the same game we all used to love, but the questions will be about the San Francisco Giants.

How it works: I will ask 15 questions below in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest. You will be given 4 possible choices. Pick one choice you think is correct. If you get it right, move up and pocket the $ amount. If you get one question wrong, you lose and the game is over. If you reach the $1,000 or $32,000 mark, you cannot lose more than that (for example, if you get the $2,000 question wrong, then you still win $1,000). If you can answer all 15 questions, you are a millionaire! There is no time limit to answer a question, and you can walk away at any time even after you see the next question.

To help you along the way, you get three lifelines 50/50 (take away two wrong answers), phone a friend (just call someone on the phone and ask if they know the answer; give them 30 seconds), and ask the audience (I advise that you ask 5 people if they know the answer, and go with what most people say the answer is ). You can only use a lifeline once.

The best way to play is to have somebody read you the questions and then have him or her ask you what your final answer is. He or she can write down the answers which will be posted below the $1,000,000 question. Have your friend record the answers so you can't see them. If you have to play solo, just scroll down carefully and look at the answers after you make a guess. I will write them vertically, so you are able to do that. Also, the 50/50 answer choices I will take away will also be displayed vertically next to the answers.

Good luck! You know the rules, you know the lifelines, and now, let's play Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

#1 - $100 - What is the name of the stadium where the San Francisco Giants currently play in?
                   A) AT&T Park  B) Candlestick Park  C) Giants Stadium  D) Seals Stadium

#2 - $200 - What can be found just beyond the right-field wall at the San Francisco Giants' ballpark?
                   A) Bleachers  B) San Francisco Bay  C) Upper Deck  D) Tommy Lasorda

#3 - $300 - Since the two teams have been part of the National League, which team is the Giants' arch-rival?
                   A) San Diego Padres  B) Los Angeles Dodgers  C) New York Yankees  D) Oakland A's

#4 - $500 - How many times have the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in San Francisco?
                   A) 0  B) 2  C) 6  D) 1

#5 - $1,000 - Who is the current all-time home run leader?
                   A) Willie Mays  B) Barry Bonds  C) Mark Mcgwire  D) Albert Pujols

#6 - $2,000 - Which of the following sportscasters currently announce for the Giants?
                      A) Hank Greenwald  B) Ted Robinson  C) Jon Miller  D) Glen Kuiper

#7 - $4,000 - What year did the Giants play their first game in San Francisco?
                      A) 1957  B) 1956  C) 1958  D) 1962

#8 - $8,000 - Before KNBR, what radio station covered San Francisco Giants games?
                      A) KGO  B) KNBC  C) KCBS  D) KSFO

#9 - $16,000 - Which current professional baseball team carries the old New York Giants' hat logo?
                        A) New York Yankees  B) New York Mets  C) Buffalo Bisons  D) Rochester Red Wings

#10 - $32,000 - Who was the first black manager in the National League?
                          A) Frank Robinson  B) Dusty Baker  C) Ernie Banks  D) Cito Gaston

#11 - $64,000 - Who was the first player to win the NLCS MVP award on a losing team?
                          A) Barry Bonds  B) Willie Mays  C) Jeffrey Leonard  D) Will Clark

#12 - $125,000 - In 1999, the San Francisco Giants broke which players' 30-game hitting streak?
        A) Tony Gwynn  B) Luis Gonzalez  C) Ken Griffey Jr.  D) Larry Walker

#13 - $250,000 - In 2000, the San Francisco Giants' first 8 hitters scored against what team?
                            A) Arizona Diamondbacks  B) Montreal Expos  C) San Diego Padres  D) Colorado Rockies

#14 - $500,000 - In 1908, who cost the Giants a victory against the Chicago Cubs by failing to touch second base on a game-winning hit by Al Bridwell?
A) Christy Mathewson  B) Fred Merkle  C) John McGraw  D) Fred Snodgrass

You have made it to $500,000. If you miss this question, you lose $468,000. You can walk away or keep going after you see the question. For $1,000,000, let's play!

#15 - $1,000,000 - With a reputation for extreme wildness, which New York Giants pitcher issued 13 walks in one game, and also pitched both games of a double-header in 1895?
       A) George Meekin  B) Amos Rusie  C) Cy Seymour  D) George Davis

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! If you answered the last question right, you have won a virtual ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Answers                                                         50/50 Eliminated Answers

1. A                                                                                   1. BD 
2. B                                                                                   2. CA
3. B                                                                                   3. CD
4. D                                                                                   4. BA
5. B                                                                                   5. CD
6. C                                                                                   6. DA
7. C                                                                                   7. AB
8. D                                                                                   8. BC
9. B                                                                                   9. AD
10. A                                                                               10. BD
11. C.                                                                              11. AB
12. B                                                                               12. CD
13. A                                                                               13. BD
14. B                                                                               14. AD
15. C                                                                               15. AB

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