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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giants Lose Heartbreaker 10-9

I'm going to keep the game summary really short. Nobody wants to hear how the Giants lost, so I'll do a quick one and get to my thoughts.

 Game Summary

After filing a complaint with Major League Baseball about the Rockies' humidor, the Giants did not expect this.

The Giants broke their streak of 18 consecutive games of giving up 3 runs or less on Saturday night. Wouldn't you know it, the scene was Coors Field in Denver.

The Giants carried a 9-7 lead into the eighth inning. With runners at first and third with 2 out, Troy Tulowitzki banged a 2-run doubled off the wall in right, tying the game at 9. Brian Wilson was summoned in to face Tulowitzki after lefty Javier Lopez struck out Carlos Gonzales.

Then came the bottom of the 10th. With Wilson still in the game, Carlos Gonzales hit a one-out infield single that Mike Fontenot dove for but could not get Gonzales out at first in time. The next batter, Troy Tulowitzki, lined a double, just past the shortstop Uribe, into the left-center field gap, winning the game for the Rockies. Pat Burrell stumbled as he got to the ball, which may have enabled Gonzales to score.

Barry Zito was sub-par in his outing tonight. He gave up 4 runs in just 4 1/3 innings. Brian Wilson (3-3) took the loss, blowing his 5th save of the year. The winner was Huston Street. He improved to 4-4.

Andres Torres had a nice game in his return tonight, going 1 for 3 with a home run, his 15th, that tied the game at 2 in the 3rd. He also made an incredible running catch out in deep left-center field. He left game in the fifth after feeling discomfort on his side, but it was more precautionary than anything. Aubrey Huff, Cody Ross, and Freddy Sanchez would also contribute with home runs.

The Giants will certainly feel miserable after blowing tonight's game, but a win tomorrow would be the perfect cure.

My Thoughts
After tonight's game, you can just throw the whole humidor theory out the window. Nothing funny was going on with the balls tonight, as someone from the MLB was keeping a close-eye on the balls transferred from the humidor. It was just simply a live ball yard tonight with the warm temperature. Not to mention, the hitters that beat them tonight are just good.

You have to walk Troy Tulowitzki in that situation in the eighth. The guy is just too hot in September. I would munch rather take my chances with Melvin Mora with the bases loaded, rather than Tulo with runners at first and third. The guy is just on fire right now and not many can get him out. Especially a night like tonight was, a fly-ball hit in the air could go a long way. However, what's done is done.

This loss really isn't the end of the world. They did what they had to do in my mind, which was win 1 game out of 3. Even if the Rockies win tomorrow, the best they could be is 3 games out, with only a week to go, including a 4-game series in St. Louis. If the Giants could come out of Coors only being a half-game out, I think they are in a pretty good position coming home. Also, they are still tied for the wild-card lead, so there's other avenues to get to first-place. If the Giants win tomorrow, though, the Rockies will be just an after-thought.

This and That

The Giants' funky pattern of scoring 2 runs or less for 2 games and then scoring 6 runs or more the third game is over. The Giants need to shake this one off and play well tomorrow. Enough said....Cain vs. De La Rosa tomorrow. Let's see what happens tomorrow!

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