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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Not-So-Torturous Night as Giants down Rockies 5-2

Well folks, this is it, my first post ever. I wanted to start this blog yesterday, but I refused to get started on a negative note (as the Giants suffered a crushing 2-1 loss in front of a dejected AT&T Park Crowd). However, all positives tonight at 24 Willie Mays Plaza as the Giants defeated the Rockies 5-2. Everything seemed to go the Giants way. Rockies balking home a run (I still don't fully understand what a balk is, but I knew I saw one in the first), Clint Barmes lining into that double play in the 4th, Andres Torres' seemingly routine fly ball seeing a second wind and sneaking its way out of the park down the right field corner, and even the pitcher roping an RBI double. Yes, it was more thrilling than torturous tonight for the 31,000+ watching the game at AT&T Park Madison Bumgarner was spectacular going 6 innings, giving up 5 hits, 1ER, 2Ks, and 3 walks. Not to mention, it is great to see the starting pitching back for the Giants. This is their style of ball and they got to stick with it. Starters went 5-13 with a 5.13 ERA in August and if the Giants want to make the playoffs, the ERA has got to be trimmed about 2 points. And what can we say about Buster Posey? As soon as he got the big 2 RBI double with the bases loaded, making the score 5-2, it seemed like everybody at the ballpark could breathe easier, considering the 12-11 heartbreaking loss last Wednesday vs. the Reds and yesterday's disaster. Do you guys think he should be the MVP of the Giants? I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Also, I wanted to clear something up for Giants fans. For those of you who blamed Cody Ross for misjudging Carlos Gonzales' broken-bat fly ball, you might want to rethink chastising him. Sportsphone 680 host, F.P. Santangelo (former outfielder for the Giants, Expos, A's, and Dodgers) defended Ross saying that the sound of the broken bat is what fooled Ross, and the mistake was easy to make. The crack of the bat is one of many factors used to judge a fly ball, and when you don't hear the crisp solid contact of say a Buster Posey line drive but instead a broken bat, an outfielder's instinct says to break in. Had the sound not been so funky but rather solid contact, and the same ball was hit at the same distance, it is likely Ross (a very good outfielder) would have made that play. In other words, the Giant's loss yesterday was due to a fluke rather than Ross' poor outfield play.

I am also curious to hear from you guys about this topic. Who's to blame for yesterday's loss? I will have to go with the Giant's offense. One run is just not enough to beat the Colorado Rockies. You aren't making things easier for yourself if you don't score. Maybe if you score 4 runs, one fluke play won't cost you the game! And another thing. It has got to be said. What is with all the bad umpiring against the Giants these last couple years. Who can forget last year's Dodger's series? Last Wednesday's home plate umpire was awful too. You're really gonna call that clearly inside curveball strike 3 in the 12th inning? Unbelievable.

Tomorrow's game should be a good one. Flamethrower Ubaldo Jimenez will take on a struggling Tim Lincecum tomorrow night at 6:15 (why this time is beyond me). I will be out there in section 328 with my phone's recorder practicing broadcasting a few innings (man it's so much fun!). I'll post samples of my work from Monday's game, although, it is really bad (but hey, it's my first time, it's supposed to be bad). Let's hope the Giants could take 2/3, and have a head of steam going into Los Angeles Friday night. You do not want the Rockies to feel like they're in it, or they will come at you with their wrath (grand slam in extra innings anyone?). Let's make this a winning homestand!


  1. this is good stuff, I can't wait to read more of these posts!

    now as for the 2-1 loss, it is definitely the offense to blame. The definition of a quality start for a pitcher is "a game in which the pitcher completes at least six innings and permits no more than three earned runs." Only two runs were scored so that sounds like a more-than-quality start to me; if the offense had jsut produced, it would have been more-than-a-loss (aka, a win) as well!

  2. exactly, unacceptable to score 1 run against a starter with a 4+ ERA

  3. A good team will bounce back after a tough loss like the Giants had on Monday. They did yesterday with that 5-2 win. Now the question is can they make a statement, beat back the Rockies, and let the NL know that they are in it to win it?

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