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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deputy editor of The Bleacher Report is living a dream

From religion to sports, Adam Hirshfield found his true calling – and loves every minute of it.
Once a student at the University of Michigan, and then transferring to Hamilton College, Hirshfield obtained a bachelor’s degree in religious studies – and later, a master’s degree of the same major at the University of Colorado. Then, as if he found a spiritual awakening, Hirshfield blinded his visions of studying the history of the Vatican or the long, tedious Bible scriptures and decided to adjust his focus on something else – like taking a job with the Boston based sports channel NESN.
Hirshfield’s change in career choice was no accident. Ever since he was a child in Syracuse, N.Y., watching his beloved Detroit Tigers defeat the San Diego Padres in the 1984 World Series, he knew that sports would fulfill his ultimate prophecy – as an athlete or otherwise.
“Ever since I was little I wanted to be in sports, probably since I was 8,” Hirshfield said.  
Hirshfield’s love of sports extended well beyond baseball, his favorite sport. He was also an avid fan of Manchester United soccer, basketball, hockey, University of Michigan college football, and recently, mixed martial arts.
Twenty-seven years later, Hirshfield is living a dream, but not as the athlete that he once aspired to be. Sitting in his office overlooking downtown San Francisco’s Mission District while submitting seven content documents to his colleagues, Hirshfield is always in front of a computer, but loves his job at The Bleacher Report nonetheless because he gets to do something that he has always enjoyed.
“The thing I like the most [about my job] is that I can come to work and watch basketball,” Hirshfield said. “[I like] the opportunity to work in a cool start-up company like this. I’m not much for stuffy work environments.”
Hirshfield’s employer, The Bleacher Report, is the fourth largest online sports publication in the United States. The goal is to allow avid fans, like Hirshfield, to contribute the content for the web site, while providing quality writing to readers across the globe.
Hirshfield believes that The Bleacher Report hit a home run with this concept that could revolutionize journalism.
“The goal is to provide interesting and entertaining opinions and analysis,” Hirshfield said. “You kind of get the fans’ opinions, and it (The Bleacher Report) gives fans more of a voice.”
In a competitive online sports environment, Hirshfield knows that keeping up with ESPN and Fox Sports is no easy task, but he is confident that The Bleacher Report will continue its ascension to the top of the sports journalism standings.
“I hope we continue on the same track as we are now,” Hirshfield said. “We provide good coverage and really solid writers to write regularly for the site.”
Hirshfield hopes to continue his daily routine at The Bleacher Report, where he has worked for a year. His job changes frequently, and he loves the challenges associated with new game plans.
“Every day is different,” Hirshfield said. “There are always different sports and seasons to deal with. No two days are alike.”
Hirshfield added that his heart is with The Bleacher Report, and he does not intend to leave anytime soon.
“I hope I stay here for a long time,” Hirshfield said. “I can see myself doing this for a long time.”

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