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Monday, April 18, 2011

Chris Haft/ Lincecum superb behind Giants' offensive outburst; plus Vinnie's thoughts

DENVER -- Receiving overpowering hitting in the early innings and overpowering pitching from Tim Lincecum throughout the evening, the Giants asserted themselves Monday night with an 8-1 victory over the Colorado Rockies.



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The Giants will have a tough decision to make, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Chris Haft of reports that Cody Ross is likely to be activated from the disabled list tomorrow, and Giants' manager Bruce Bochy hinted Brandon Belt would be optioned to AAA Fresno to make room for Ross.

This is a wise decision. Although Belt leads the team with eight walks, he has had a difficult time catching up to major league fastballs. He is hitting just .196 in 16 games this year.

The move would get Aubrey Huff out of right field and get him back to first base where he belongs. The Giants would then have a half-way decent outfield of Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, and Cody Ross.

Furthermore, Ross back in the lineup would be a huge boost for the Giants' clubhouse. He is a great presence who brings a lot of energy. At this point, Ross is probably going to put up better numbers than Belt -- and he certainly can matchup with big league pitching (remember Roy Halladay?).

With the improved defense and hitting, the Giants will perhaps play a cleaner, more error-free game.

Tim Lincecum just continues to impress. He made Coors Field look like Petco Park, even when the ball was carrying like classic Coors.

Although fans might be disappointed with Lincecum throwing a batting practice fastball to Carlos Gonzales for the first hit of the game in the seventh inning on a 3-1 count, he did the right thing there.

You cannot give up free passes at Coors Field. Many teams have seen big leads disappear quickly there, so no-hitter aside, Lincecum had to challenge. Unfortunately, it cost him the no-hitter. Still, most importantly, Lincecum got the win.

CSN Bay Area's ticker just said that Zito will be out for at least month.

This is not that much of a concern to me. Zito has been struggling and is having a hard time getting his fastball up to 85 mph. Perhaps some time off would help him clear his mind. In the meantime, Ryan Vogelsong might be a bit more of a help to the team at this point.

The Giants won a big game tonight. No team wants to fall five games behind first first place in April, and the Giants avoided that for the time being. At least they will avoid the disaster of being seven out in April.

If the Giants can find a way to at least take this series and make it a 4-2 road trip, they will be in great shape heading home against the Atlanta Braves.

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